Valspar vs Behr Paint

When choosing between paint brands for your paint job, these questions always need an answer: which brand is best for my project?

Which paint brand has the color selection I am looking for? What is the application of a brush or roller like and what is the drying time like? How durable is the paint? There are many more questions you can ask when looking for a brand that is right for you.

In this blog, all the elements of these questions will be answered and will help you with what choice you make and show you Valspar vs Behr Paint.

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For EXTERIOR Paints:

Pros and Cons of Valspar Exterior Paint:

Pros: Valspar Paint is durable, easy to clean, and simple to use. When choosing what projects you want to do, these elements are great to have!

Valspar’s product line variety is extensive. Valspar has a variety of lines, so you have options that meet your needs. The line includes Valspar Defense, Duramax, Season Plus, Storm Coat, Ultra, and Door + Trim. These lines include a lot of colors, like white, blue, green, red, black, yellow, and more.

Valspar has low to moderate VOC’s.

Cons: Valspar requires a lot of coats because it is a thin consistent paint.

Choosing Valspar means that you have to apply a lot of coats, so you have to buy more paint which makes it more expensive. The price of a gallon is moderate, but with the number of costs required, it costs more in the end.

What is the typical Drying Time for Valspar exterior paint:

The drying time is short, less than an hour to touch, and only about 2-4 hours for a new coat. Fast drying can cause an issue though, it can lead to streaking on the surface. Streaking causes problems and can change the texture of the paint.

Pros and Cons of Behr Exterior Paint:

Pros: Behr paint is easy to obtain if you have a Home Depot nearby. It can also be ordered online and shipped.

Behr exterior paint does not fade easily or crack. Although the paint may seem a little thick when applied, you don’t have to worry about cracking later on.

Behr paint is known for excellent coverage, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the usual two coats. It also plays nicely with paint sprayers.

Choosing among the Behr paints is streamlined, as there are three baseline exterior and interior paints, each offering flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes in all colors.

Cons: Behr paint doesn’t play as nicely with paint rollers. You may find yourself going over the same spots more than with other paints if you like rollers.

Certain Behr exterior paints don’t resist dirt as well as you might like, leading to a power washing session at times. Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Exterior is one exception, but their Marquee Exterior and Premium Plus Exterior do not contain the necessary ingredients to make them dirt resistant.

For INTERIOR Paints:

Pros and Cons of Valspar interior paint:

Pros: Valspar is easy to apply with a hand brush, roller, or spray gun. This makes it easy for the painters that you choose to hire or if you choose to do it yourself. Valspar Signature is a great version of Valspar paint to use.

A great thing about Valspar is that it usually has primers mixed in. This makes a difference in the price of the paint. Some paint brands do not include a primer.

The best part about Valspar is that it is easy to clean. This makes it a great option for kids in the home.

Cons: As stated before, one con of Valspar is that it dries quickly, which causes streaking. This is a problem because most people who decide to paint their homes do not want the added stress of streaked paint.

Valspar takes up to 4 coats to complete the job. If money and time are not an issue, then Valspar is a good choice, but there are brands just as good that do not require a lot of time and money. Keep in mind the maintenance of a paint job.

Pros and Cons of Behr Interior paint

Pros: Behr is positioned as a premium paint for homeowners looking to do their own painting.

All Behr paints are touted as being paint and primer in one.

The Dynasty line boasts the best coverage of their paints and is scuff-resistant. This could be a consideration if you have kids. Even their less expensive lines are said to be resistant to stains and scrubbing.

Their Ultra line is designed just for high-traffic areas. Their most expensive line, Behr Marquee, guarantees a one-coat job on most colors.

Behr offers online tools that help you visualize what particular colors will look like in a room.

Cons: Behr paints don’t do well with applications with rollers. This is a drawback when painting a room.

Behr’s Marquee line is said by some professionals to be thick and a bit hard to work with.

Some users report that the paint finish can be inconsistent from one can of paint to the other.

Drying Time for Behr paint:

The drying time for Behr paint takes about 4 hours in order to touch it. To apply a new coat of paint, the wait time is about 8 hours, and 12-16 hours for certain types of wood.

What are the major differences between Valspar and Behr?

If you are in the market for paint, here are some differences between Behr and Valspar. Valspar offers a wide variety of paint products for both interior and exterior use, while Behr focuses mainly on exterior paint products.

The biggest one is the number of coats. Behr needs 1-2 coats and Valspar needs 2-4 coats. The next difference is the ease of use. Valspar is easy to use, while Behr is slightly challenging. Cleaning, drying time, and the total price of the brands vary as well.

How do Valspar and Behr compare in terms of prices

In terms of price, Behr is the cheaper way to go because it requires fewer coats, which in the end requires less paint. Valspar requires more coats, which means it requires more paint. The only reason Valspar is more expensive is because of the amount of paint needed. Keep that in mind when choosing a brand.

How do the quality and durability of each brand compare?

Per consumer reports and reviews, Behr and Valspar are similar in quality and durability. Behrs quality is moderate to high, and durability is high. Valspar is high in both durability and quality.

Which paint is better for use in high-humidity areas?

Valspar is great for different weather conditions. In high-humidity areas, mildew in the wall can be an issue, especially in a new construction job. Choosing Valspar in a high-humidity area can help with issues like mildew.

Where do I purchase Valspar or Behr interior paint?

Valspar is a subsidiary of a Sherwin-Williams and Lowes brand, while Behr is a subsidiary of Home Depot brands. You can find both stores locally and there is always the option to order online from either store. Make sure you ask the retailers what brand works best for the things you need. Both companies are great about customer service!


Whether you choose Behr, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, or Benjamin Moore, the list of questions always arises. Doing your research and asking the right kind of questions will make your decision easy.

Painting your house is something that should be taken seriously.

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