What To Expect


We normally like to start our projects between 8:00 and 9:30 am. If you need something else, just let us know and we will be happy to meet your needs. We will discuss our finish time each day to make sure we are not in your way.

Please make sure of the following:

  • All pets are secured inside the house. During the day we will be going in and out of the back yard and cannot guarantee that the gate will be always closed. But we will try our best.
  • Vehicles are removed from the driveway.
  • All windows are closed tightly. If there are windows that you cannot close completely, please let us know so we can protect it from water.
  • If you have a vehicle in the garage and you will need to exit the garage during the day, we ask that you instead please part it out in the street. Because we normally will use the driveway for ladders and other equipment while we are working.
  • The outside water is turned on and we have access to electricity.

At the end of the day, we would like to store larger equipment like ladders, for example, in the back yard or on the side of the house. We will make sure they are out of the way for you. We may be covering the windows and doors with plastic. But will work with you to ensure you are able to get in and out of the house.

If we are sealing and staining your porch or deck, please do not walk on it for 24 hours. Even though it will look dry in a few hours it will not be totally dry. And remember footprints are not warranted.

You are more than welcome to look around during the project, but rest assured we will regularly look for needed touch-ups and so forth prior to handing the project back to you. If you have any questions at all feel free to talk to our on-site lead or any manager at any time.

Once the project is complete, we will be leaving you with any left-over paint or stain in the form of our touch-up kit. Please keep this for any touch-ups that might be needed down the road and store it in a place that will not freeze.


We will make every effort to make sure you can continue to have total access to all rooms in your house to the best of your ability. If you have the time and ability, please move small items out of the areas we will be painting, for example, small pictures and things on top of tables and dressers that would help us a lot. If we are painting a master closet for example; placing everything from inside the closet on top of the bed would save a lot of time because we will already be covering the bed with plastic, we can at the same time protect the closet contents on the bed. Do not worry about moving larger pieces of furniture. That is our job!!

Please plan with us to take care of pets. For example, if you can, put the cat or dog in one bedroom while we prep and paint the other. Then once the room is dry, you can move the pet to the completed one and we can move on with the rest of the project.

Small children are interested in what we are doing so please keep in mind they can get into open paint cans, hand tools, and ladders during the project. So please keep an extra eye on the little ones.

Especially important: Please be aware the stairs can be very slippery with plastic or cloth drop cloths covering them. Use extreme caution when you and your family go up or down the stairs.


Some deck and fence projects will have heavy materials like wood and so on. Please make sure the family is safe during the project. Many times, we will be completing repairs and pressure washing the surfaces to properly prep them for the stain.

It is perfectly fine to walk and play on the deck between the pressure wash and the stain application. HOWEVER, once the stain/sealer is applied, even if it looks dry in a few hours, we strongly request it not be used or walked on for 24 hours to let the stain set in well and cure. Footprints are not warrantied.

Also, please understand that depending on the condition of the wood, how long it was exposed to the weather, and even the variation from tree to tree, there will be color, shade, and grain differences from one board to another, or even from one part of a board to another. And this is part of the appeal of stain. Solid stains that look like paint will eliminate these subtle color differences but you will still see texture and grain differences. Stains are designed to partially absorb into the surface which helps preserve the wood. Stains are in and on the wood, not like paint that is only on the surface.

Even though Dependable uses only the best, top-of-the-line products for all projects, it is only stained and seals. It is not bulletproof. It is subject to scratching and staining like grease from the grill. We recommend you make sure all furniture has those little feet on them to minimize scratching and put a mat under the grill to catch grease. As for the fences, not a lot needs to be done. Just enjoy the newly stained fence.

Let’s talk about stain color and transparency for a moment. Semi-transparent and semi-solid stains will also take on the shade of the wood they are being applied to. They also will only last around half the lifespan of a solid stain. The color will usually never be 100% exact to the sample. And because it is exposed to the weather the shade will mellow out over time this is normal and to be expected.

At the completion of your project and once you are satisfied with our walk-through, please feel free to make your payment by check or cash and give it to our lead painter. If another payment method is requested, please notify our lead painter. You may also make payments through Venmo or Cash App.