1. How long must I wait to stain or seal a newly installed deck or fence in Georgia?

Generally, a recently installed pressure treated deck or fence can be stained or sealed after 4 weeks. If heavy precipitation is incurred immediately following installation of your deck or fence, we recommend waiting an additional 2 weeks to allow the wood to properly cure. Equally, if the wood came from the lumber yard and was very green we also recommend waiting an additional 2 weeks. The visible Green coloration in the wood is the chemical used to pressure treat the wood during the manufacturing process.

2. Why Stain or Seal my deck or fence in Georgia?

Staining and sealing a deck or fence is an absolute must in Georgia’s varying climate. Staining and sealing a deck will protect your wood from the elements, specifically moisture. Moisture causes wood to rot and turn gray. If left untreated your fence or deck will begin to turn very dark and will start to lose its structural integrity. This leads to costly repairs and a bad curb appeal. The ever increasing cost of lumber and skilled labor makes replacing a deck or fence extremely costly. By staining or sealing your deck or fence you can keep it looking beautiful, structurally sound, and most importantly safe and secure."

3. My fence or deck is already starting to show signs of weathering. Can I still stain or seal it?

As part of our comprehensive fence and deck stain and seal services we offer restoration services to assist with exactly this scenario.. We can gladly get your fence or deck ready to stain or seal using our power washing and chemical cleaning solutions.

4. I have some boards that have already rotted out. Do you replace deck and fence boards?

Yes, Dependable Painting and Remodeling gladly replaces deck and fence boards for our customers.

5. How Long does Staining or Sealing a deck or fence in Georgia last?

Depending on what finish you choose, most stains and seals will last 2-4 years. The amount of precipitation during the years following a stain or seal will also affect the amount of time a coating will last. We only use top-tier stains and seals to allow maximum longevity.

6. What are the different types and finishes of stain and sealant? How do they vary in appearance?

There are 4 main types of stains and sealants that we use. Clear Seal: Our Clear Seal gives the wood a wet / natural glossy look. Fully Waterproof. Best for newly installed fences and decks. Typically lasts 2-3 years. Colored Stains: Transparent Stain: Wood Grain extremely visible. Least amount of protection against elements. Lasts the shortest amount of time. Not Recommended for Fences or Decks. Semi-Transparent Stains: Wood Grain is slightly visible. Medium color. Typically lasts 2+ years. Solid stain: Our most popular choice for maximum color. Great protection against the elements. Can be applied to weather wood. Lasts the longest of the colored stains at 2-4 years.

7: Which option do you recommend?

Since every deck and fence is unique, we offer a color consultation to every customer to determine their needs and expectations. This allows us to make a professional recommendation to provide the best solutions. We constantly add pictures of our work to our Galleries and Social Media pages so that we can demonstrate real world examples of the products we use. We have found it provides a much better gauge than simply picking colors off of a sheet. Our customers get to see first hand what the product they choose will look like on a deck or fence similar in age to their own.