Dependable Painting and Remodeling

We will handle everything.

You know the story all too well. The seller needs to sell the home yesterday, The buyer wants a great deal but their home inspector gave them a list of things they think need to be done. Now the back and forth goes on what is justified. what is fluff? and before you know it there is no deal. BUT what if the negotiations included a list of agreed repairs and the agreed cost. (after dependable gives input) let’s guess it is at $5,000.00 now what.

EASY. both parties agree to have the cost be held on the side to be paid to dependable AFTER closing. Many times it is easiest for the two sides to just agree to split the cost from the closing proceeds. The seller happily moves on. The buyer then calls Dependable to schedule the work. Once the work is complete the funds are released to dependable.

No more deals gone bad because of what needs to be done to the home.

No more closing glitches and headaches. Let Dependable handle all of the repairs that are stopping the closing.

Payment comes from the closing no need to have the seller pay prior to closing or the buyer to pay prior to them owning the home. Once the closing is complete. the New homeowner schedules the work directly with Dependable. it is completed at their convenience, once complete they release the funds to be paid.