Behr vs Benjamin Moore Paint

Behr vs Benjamin Moore Paint

When choosing paint colors, the hardest part is choosing the paint brand you want to go with. Behr and Benjamin Moore’s paint lines are two great paints to choose from. They both offer a variety of products with coverage, durability, paint colors, primers, and finishes.

Whether your project is interior or exterior, Behr and Benjamin Moore offer flat, egg-shell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finish. Throughout this article, we will go through the pros and cons of Behr vs Benjamin Moore paints, their durability, coverage, and different lines of paint, and how they compare.

Now, the question is up to you. Do you think Behr or Benjamin Moore is the better product for your project? 

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For EXTERIOR Paints: 

Pros and Cons of Behr exterior paint: 

Pros: Behr paint is easy to obtain if you have a Home Depot nearby. It can also be ordered online and shipped.

The Behr exterior paint does not fade easily or crack. Although the paint may seem a little thick when applied, you don’t have to worry about cracking later on.

Behr paint is known for excellent coverage, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the usual two coats. It also plays nicely with paint sprayers.

Choosing among the Behr paints is streamlined, as there are three baseline exterior and interior paints, each offering flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes in all colors.

Cons: Behr paint doesn’t play as nicely with paint rollers but works great with hand brushes. You may find yourself going over the same spots more than with other paints if you like rollers.

Certain Behr exterior paints don’t resist dirt as well as you might like, leading to a power washing session at times. Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Exterior is one exception, but their Marquee Exterior and Premium Plus Exterior do not contain the necessary ingredients to make them dirt resistant.

Pros and Cons of Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint: 

Pros: Most Benjamin Moore paints have little to no VOC. This is good because the VOC in paint is harmful and can cause other issues. 

Benjamin Moore exterior paints are designed for both commercial and residential projects. This makes it easy to choose a Benjamin Moore for the project you want to paint. 

The Benjamin Moore exterior is durable, splatter resistant, easy to spread, and dries fast. This creates value for the paint brand you want to choose for your project. 

Benjamin Moore’s exterior paintings have a variety of semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell, with a variety of finishes and primers to choose from as well. 

Cons: Benjamin Moore paints are sold through owner-operated stores, such as Benjamin Moore. This is very similar to Sherwin Williams and how they choose to sell their products. This makes Benjamin Moore’s paints less accessible than Behr’s paint. 

The Benjamin Moore Luxury, Regal, paint line is on the pricier side, running about $65 a can. Although this is a high number, quality over quality is always the best way to go when wanting a paint painting done right. 

What is the ease of use like for each brand? 

Both paints, are durable and easy to spread if you are not using a roller. The ease of using Behr paint is that it can be purchased locally. The ease of using Benjamin Moore paint is that there are a variety of paint lines. Benjamin Moore is more durable and easier to spread.  

For INTERIOR Paints: 

Pros and Cons of Behr interior paint: 

Pros: Behr is positioned as a premium paint for homeowners looking to do their own painting.

All Behr paints are touted as being paint and primer in one which is great when painting dark walls a lighter color.

The Dynasty line boasts the best coverage of their paints and is scuff-resistant. This could be a consideration if you have kids. Even their less expensive lines are said to be resistant to stains and scrubbing.

Their Ultra line is designed just for high-traffic areas. Their most expensive line, Marquee, guarantees a one-coat job in most colors.

Behr offers online tools that help you visualize what particular colors will look like in a room so you can see the results before you even buy the paint. 

Cons: Behr paints don’t do well with applications with rollers. This is a drawback when painting a room.

Behr’s Marquee line is said by some professionals to be thick and a bit hard to work with.

Some users report that the paint finish can be inconsistent from one can of paint to the other.

Pros and Cons of Benjamin Moore Interior paint

Pros: Benjamin Moore has no VOC. 

Benjamin Moore paints are more durable. They spread quickly along the surface and even though they are more pricey, the coverage and durability make up for the cost. 

Benjamin Moore paints are fade-resistant, have great adhesion, and fast drying. This means it can reduce the time it takes to paint your home, but yet it will last longer. 

Cons: As stated before, Benjamin Moore paints are more expensive. The luxury line, Regal, is the most costly paint line they have. 

Benjamin Moore’s paintings have limited availability and rarely go on sale. 

Benjamin Moore paints are not easily accessible and cannot be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. 

Benjamin Moore has a lack of color-matching. This can make it difficult to create the specific paint color you want. 

What are the major differences between Behr and Benjamin Moore

Behr tends to have a lower variety of color selections and is more affordable but can be color-matched. Behr paint is easily accessible and is sold at your local Home Depot. Benjamin Moore products are more on the expensive side, depending on what you are looking for, but have more than 3,500 color options from blue, green, white, black, and brown. Both Benjamin Moore and  Behr have similar color choices. Yet, Benjamin Moore receives great ratings. However, you won’t notice a difference in the two paints when they are together. 

How do Behr and Benjamin Moore compare in terms of price?

Behr is more affordable than Benjamin Moore and can be found locally. Benjamin Moore has a variety of luxury lines and can run from $65 to $90 per can but cannot be found at a local home improvement store. Prices also vary by paint line. For example, Benjamin Moore Aura will cost a little bit more money than Benjamin Moore Ben, similar to how Behr Marquee is more expensive than Behr Premium Plus. Also, flat and matte finishes are less expensive than glossier finishes. The choice is really up to you as far as how much money you have a budget for. 

How do the different lines of each brand compare? 

The quality and durability of both brands are similar. Benjamin Moore’s Aura is extremely comparable to Behr Marquee. They are similar in many aspects, including quality, durability, fast drying, and splatter-resistant. Behr and Benjamin Moore offer a variety of interior, exterior, and specialty paint. Behr markets more toward homeowners, while Benjamin Moore markets more toward professional painters.

Behr Premium Plus, Ulta, Marquee, and Dynasty are the lines of paint Behr offers. Premium Plus is interior and exterior and has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC for short) and is the most affordable. Ulta is also an interior and exterior with mid-range with excellent scuff and stain defense. The Behr Marquee has interior and exterior paint as well and has excellent coverage, but it has a higher cost. Behr Dynasty is only interior but has the best coverage with scuff and stain defense, but is priced the highest.

Benjamin Moore Ben, Regal, Advance, Eco Spec, Aura, and Aura Grand Entrance are the lines of paint Benjamin Moore offers.

  • Ben is interior and exterior paint and is designed to go on with a smooth finish.
  • Benjamin Moore Regal is also interior and exterior paint and it includes paint and primer that is great for ceilings and high-traffic areas in the house.
  • Benjamin Moore Advance is an interior paint that combines paint, prime, and a great finish. It is easy to apply and can be sanded in between coats.
  • Eco Spec is Benjamin Moore’s greenest paint that is allergy and asthma friendly.
  • Benjamin Moore Aura is an interior and exterior paint with paint and primer combo. This line is durable and has a low odor and VOCs.
  • The Grand Entrance line by Benjamin Moore can be used for interior and exterior paint projects. Applies easily and holds color well and does not fade.

Benjamin Moore has more paint lines with great options.

Top Rankings of Behr and Benjamin Moore: 

These are the rankings of paint lines from customers who have tried both Behr and Benjamin Moore products. 

  1. Best Overall line: Benjamin Moore Regal, ease of application and great, lasting coverage and durability. 
  2. Best Value: Benjamin Moore Ben, a paint and primer blend that is good in value and quality.  
  3. Best for Laundry Rooms: Behr Premium Plus is great for a laundry room because it has stain, fade, and mildew resistance. 
  4. Best for Covering Old Paint: Behr Marquee has coverage you cannot beat! This is the best option to cover old wall paint in a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office or basement. 

Where do I purchase Behr or Benjamin Moore interior paint? 

You can purchase Benjamin Moore at an owner-operated store, Benjamin Moore, online, and at Ace Hardware. Benjamin Moore has a similar tool called Personal Color Studio. The customer service at Benjamin Moore is good because they are genuine and knowledgeable about the Benjamin Moore products. 

You can purchase Behr paints at any Home Depot and online. Making Behr paint brands more accessible for your projects. The only downside to Home Depot’s customer service is that there are few people with a knowledgeable opinion on Behr versus Benjamin Moore. Behr also has an online color studio where you can select which color goes great in each room without purchasing them beforehand. 

The great thing about Behr and Benjamin Moore is that they can both be purchased online as well as in stores in case you are not close to a local store or cannot find the color you are looking for to finish the project. Both brands also have a lot of great reviews! 


In conclusion, Behr vs Benjamin Moore are very comparable and tend to have the same qualities and solid reputations. Behr is less pricey than Benjamin Moore, but Benjamin Moore has a greater variety of luxury paints. Both Behr and Benjamin Moore have great quality paints that are durable, splatter-resistant, fast-drying, and spread quickly. Behr and Benjamin Moore both have lines that are very similar in all aspects. With all that being said, no matter if you choose Behr vs Benjamin Moore, you will be satisfied with the quality work that they offer. Some customers say that Benjamin Moore is better than Behr, but others can testify that Behr is just as good at half the price. The comparison between the types of paint brands is similar and has great consumer reports.

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