There’s something to be said about a well-managed job. You get to relax and know that your project is being taken care of by someone who’s experienced, reliable and trustworthy. This is why I think a major benefit of hiring Dependable Painting and Remodeling is that you will always be taken care of! Let’s go through the 5 reasons why Dependable Painting and Remodeling is the best option for you!

Insurance (proper workman comp)

The average painters and painting companies barely carry a small general liability policy. At Dependable, we carry a $2 Million dollar liability policy to make sure we never put our customers’ property at risk. But this is only half the battle. Many homeowners do not realize that if they hire an individual painter, as opposed to a licensed and insured company, they may be liable in the event the worker or helper is injured and this would NOT be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. At Dependable, every one of our workers is covered under our Workman’s Comp policy to make sure we never put our customers at risk.

Quality of materials (no substitutions)

It is important to know the difference between high-quality paint and cheap paint. This is especially true when you are hiring a painter. Using cheap materials can lead to problems in the future (peeling, cracking, etc). All of our painters are required to use high-quality paints that provide exceptional coverage and last for many years with proper maintenance.

Quality of labor (weed off the bad)

You deserve the best quality painting job out there, and we only hire the best painters for your project. We only hire the best painters for your project, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction because we stand behind our work 100%.

Customer Service (physical office)

We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure our clients don’t have to deal with broken code, irrelevant features, or extreme limitations – instead we provide them with everything they need to be able to run their business more easily. Our customer service is top-notch and we support customers 24/7 in order to ensure that every customer gets help right when they need it. When our clients need support, they call us. We answer their calls and help them resolve their issues. This is why we’ve chosen to share our addresses and phone numbers with you so that you can contact us easier. You shouldn’t shy away from asking for assistance when you are in need.

Warranty (peace of mind)

Most companies will only offer a 30-day warranty on their work. While you should be confident that we can deliver you what you’re looking for, it’s still nice to have peace of mind. Therefore, we are offering all our customers a 12-month full guarantee on the projects we complete for you. This includes any updates you require (with a reasonable limit) as well as various upgrades and minor modifications throughout the year. This includes interior and exterior painting projects!

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Author Derek Epstein

Derek Epstein, the founder of Dependable Painting & Remodeling, is an expert in various aspects of construction including painting, deck and fence work, pressure washing, and more. A proud graduate of Palm Beach State Honors College, Derek operates from his two offices located in Dallas & Roswell, GA. His company, renowned for exceptional service and affordability, is driven by a mission to revolutionize the service industry while generously serving the Northwest Georgia communities. As a member of the 10X Nation, Derek epitomizes commitment and expertise.