Energy Efficient Exterior Paint: Start Saving Money

Ever stared at your house, thinking about giving it a fresh, vibrant look, but worried about the scorching sun damaging it all over again?

You’re not alone.

Many of our neighbors right here in the East Cobb community have faced the same conundrum.

But what if I told you there’s a way to get that stunning look and keep your home cool, all while staying within your budget?

The team at Dependable Painting & Remodeling is all about offering solutions that look beautiful and are, most importantly, energy-efficient.

Is There Energy Efficient Paint?


Over recent years, paint manufacturers have been innovating, creating paints that not only provide a protective coating but also help regulate temperature. These paints are specially formulated to reflect more of the sun’s UV rays, reducing the amount of heat your walls absorb.

What’s the Most Energy Efficient Exterior Paint?

In all honesty, the color of your paint is really going to be the deciding factor on energy efficiency. Here at Dependable Paint, we’ve seen firsthand how the right paint color can make a world of difference in both comfort and energy bills.

In our region, as you know, we experience a diverse range of weather - from those brisk winters to our famously warm summers. If you’re looking to retain a bit more warmth in your home during the cooler months, we recommend going with a darker color. These shades are fantastic at absorbing light, which in turn brings in a bit more heat. It’s a subtle but effective way to add a touch of coziness to your space.

On the flip side, during our sunny, warm seasons, a lighter paint color is your best friend. These hues are brilliant at reflecting heat, helping to keep your home a comfortable oasis even when the temperatures outside are soaring. It’s a simple yet effective approach to make your cooling system’s job a little easier - and who doesn’t love saving on those energy costs?

Remember, while selecting a brand, always consider our climate up here in Georgia, the moisture level, and maintenance needs.

Energy Efficient Exterior Paint Colors: Which Ones Are They?

Best Paint color for Garage Walls Color plays a pivotal role when it comes to energy efficiency.

White ranks among the top choices for energy-efficient paint colors.

Lighter paint colors, like whites, beiges, and light grays, generally reflect more sunlight than darker shades.

They reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your walls, which can be a game-changer in terms of cooling costs during those hot East Cobb summers!

Which Exterior Paint Doesn’t Get Hot?

While the energy efficiency of paint can be attributed to its reflective properties, it’s the lighter shades, especially those with reflective additives, that stand up best to the sun. These colors don’t absorb as much heat, ensuring your house stays cooler.

Which Color Exterior House Paint Lasts Longest?

Best Paint color for Garage Walls

In terms of longevity, lighter shades usually hold up better against the sun’s rays, reducing the risk of fading. So, not only do these paint colors help with energy efficiency, but they also require fewer touch-ups, saving you both time and power in the long run.

Incorporating energy-efficient paints and shades can make a considerable difference to your home’s exterior. It ensures fewer touch-ups, reduced cooling costs, and overall increases the life of the paint. After all, when you’re investing in painting your home, why not choose a solution that caters to both beauty and energy efficiency?

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the plethora of paint choices or need advice tailored to your home, remember, our team at Dependable Painting & Remodeling is just a phone call away. We pride ourselves on serving the East Cobb, Ga community, ensuring every house stands tall, radiant, and energy-efficient.

We get it; picking the right paint color, especially one that aligns with your energy goals, can be daunting. But with a bit of guidance and the right team by your side, it becomes a delightful journey.

Be it about picking the right shade, understanding the best paint for your budget, or ensuring maximum energy efficiency – we’ve got your back. After all, your home deserves nothing but the best.

Reach out to us today, and let’s give your house the upgrade it deserves!

Remember, every brushstroke is a step towards a more beautiful and energy-efficient home.

Here’s to brighter and cooler times ahead!

Author Derek Epstein

Derek Epstein, the founder of Dependable Painting & Remodeling, is an expert in various aspects of construction including painting, deck and fence work, pressure washing, and more. A proud graduate of Palm Beach State Honors College, Derek operates from his two offices located in Dallas & Roswell, GA. His company, renowned for exceptional service and affordability, is driven by a mission to revolutionize the service industry while generously serving the Northwest Georgia communities. As a member of the 10X Nation, Derek epitomizes commitment and expertise.