Commercial & Residential Painting

The difference between commercial and residential painting is very prominent, but some commercial painting companies may provide both residential and commercial painting services. Both types of painting require different types of tools, equipment and skill sets.

What is commercial painting?

In commercial painting, we paint for businesses. So, this kind of painting is a large-scale activity. Commercial painting can be mainly operative, and its range depends on the type of business or commercial place we are creating. Some painting projects can be eye-pleasing to attract a specific client base.


What services do commercial painters offer?

Commercial painters are pro in painting commercial businesses and places. They might have worked before with some general contractors. The commercial painters have experience working primarily on larger homes, apartment complexes, retail stores, hotels and churches. Some of them can have experience in industrial painting jobs too. They can be involved in government contracts or high-level projects, so managing work at different places and times is significant. They need an appropriate schedule for work.

What is residential painting? Residential painting is basically house painting. It can involve painting of the exterior as well as the interior of any residence or house. It’s easier to paint homes than any commercial place, so some people prefer painting it by themselves. But a professional residential painter will do much better work than any non-professional.

What do residential painters do?

Residential house painters have experience in painting homes basically, so they can make your home look stunning just by painting. It’s not an easy task to paint walls without any paint splatters, and if your home has a high ceiling, it requires stepping on some kind of ladder. Painting high ceiling homes without professional help can be dangerous.


Commercial vs. residential painting overview

Commercial painting and residential painting requirements in terms of tools and equipment are very different. However, commercial painters have to work in very challenging locations. So, a larger team of experienced painters towards quality control is needed. An essential aspect of painting is safety training, and it matters the most when painters are working on commercial projects like multi-storey buildings or some health, aged care, and child care facilities.

Many differences, but one common goal

Despite all the differences between these painting fields, painters share a common goal: to provide the best service possible so that customers can enjoy and appreciate a well-painted space. We at Dependable are all ears for any questions or concerns you have. You can shoot us an email at or reach our office at 470 322 7107.

Author Derek Epstein

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