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To make your painting process as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled the ultimate paint supplies list below. This list covers the essential supplies needed to paint a room, along with our expert tips to help you along the way. If you want to save time and money, we highly recommend opting for a pre-bundled paint supplies kit, which conveniently provides all the necessary painting essentials in one package, so you’re ready to roll, quite literally.

​ Whether you’re a novice painter or a seasoned painting pro, the quality of your painting supplies plays a vital role in achieving high-quality results. Your painting skills are only as good as the tools you use. That’s why we believe that investing in top-notch paint supplies is the secret to achieving a flawless paint job. Once you’ve chosen the perfect paint color for your project, it’s time to ensure you have the right supplies to guarantee an expert finish, regardless of your experience level.

INTERESTING FACT: The average cost of interior paint supplies for a 12x12 room is approximately $150.

  1. Painter’s Tape: For Crisp Clean Lines Achieving clean, straight lines is a breeze with the help of painter’s tape. It’s the perfect tool for masking areas you don’t want to paint, such as baseboards and light fixtures. Make sure to clean the surface before applying the painter’s tape to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Drop Cloths: Protect against Drips and Spills Painting can be messy, whether you’re working in an empty room or a room full of furniture. Protect your floors and furnishings with durable, leak-proof drop clothes. They provide reliable coverage and save you the headache of potential paint splatters or spills.
  3. Paint Tray: Load Your Roller Evenly A painter’s tray is a utilitarian tool that holds your paint and allows for easy loading of your roller. Opt for a sturdy metal tray for roller painting and a simple plastic tray for smaller applicators like mini paint rollers or brushes. Look for trays with ribbed roll-off areas to ensure an even distribution of paint on your roller.
  4. Plastic Tray Liner: Quick Switching Colors and Cleanup Make cleanup a breeze by using disposable plastic tray liners. These liners not only protect your tray but also make it effortless to switch between paint colors. Opt for environmentally friendly options made from recycled materials.
  5. Paint Brush: For Cutting In and Painting Trim For precise work like cutting in along architectural elements or painting trim, a high-quality 2-inch angled paint brush is your go-to tool. Look for a brush with a longer handle for better control and consider investing in a brush of exceptional quality to avoid bristle shedding or leaving visible brush marks. Paintbrushes should be cleaned with warm water and soap after each use. Check out our post Best Paint Brushes for Interior Painting to ensure you get the right brush for your DIY project.
  6. Paint Roller Frame: Does the Heavy Lifting A reliable roller frame is essential for larger areas like walls and ceilings. Opt for a 9-inch roller frame for these surfaces and a 4.5-inch roller for smaller areas like moldings and baseboards. Look for a frame with a comfortable grip so it doesn’t cramp your hand, and a secure cage attachment to prevent the roller cover from slipping off during painting.
  7. Roller Covers: The Key to a Smooth Application Choosing the right roller cover is crucial for achieving a smooth application. Microfiber roller covers are highly recommended for their performance with zero VOC paints and lint-free properties. They provide excellent paint absorption and release, resulting in a professional-looking finish. Select a nap length of ⅜-inch for smooth surfaces and ½-inch for textured areas.
  8. Extension Pole: Maximum Reach with Minimum Effort An extension pole not only allows you to reach high places with ease but also increases your efficiency when painting larger areas. It reduces strain and makes the job much easier and faster.
  9. Sandpaper: Smooth Surfaces for a Flawless Finish Sandpaper is an essential tool for achieving a smooth and even surface before applying paint. It helps to remove imperfections such as rough patches, bumps, or old paint drips. Sanding also promotes proper paint adhesion, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts.
  10. Spackling: Repair Imperfections for a Seamless Surface Spackling is an essential product for repairing imperfections and creating a seamless surface before painting. It’s a lightweight compound that is used to fill in cracks, holes, or dents in walls, trim, or other surfaces. By using spackling, you can ensure that the painted surface appears smooth and flawless.
  11. Screwdriver: Versatile Tool for Removing Hardware A screwdriver is a versatile tool that comes in handy during painting projects, particularly when you need to remove hardware such as switch plates, outlet covers, or door hinges. Before painting a room, it’s often recommended to take off these items to ensure a clean and professional finish.
  12. Stir Stick: Ensure Proper Mixing of Paint A stir stick is a simple but essential tool that ensures proper mixing of paint, allowing for consistent color and texture throughout the can.
  13. Paint Edgers: Achieve Clean Lines on Edges and Hard-to-Reach Areas Paint edgers are essential tools for achieving clean and precise lines along edges and in hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and around light fixtures, where a brush or roller may not provide the desired level of control and accuracy.
  14. Ladder: Reach High Areas Safely and Efficiently A ladder is a must-have tool for painting projects, allowing you to safely and efficiently reach high areas of your house, such as ceilings and tall walls, ensuring thorough and complete coverage.

INTERESTING FACT: Approximately 80% of interior painting projects require a minimum of two coats of paint.

Don’t forget to consider pre-bundled paint supply kits, which contain all the essential painting supplies you need in one convenient package. These kits save you time, money, and the hassle of individually sourcing each of these products.

Remember, investing in high-quality paint supplies is an investment in achieving outstanding results. So, gather your supplies, prepare your space, and get ready to create a beautifully painted room that reflects your personal style and taste. Happy painting!

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