Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room has amazing, transformative power. With so many color and texture options available, the possibilities are nearly endless. But choosing the right paint for your home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

On average, most people repaint their home every three to five years because this length of time allows a full cycle of wear and tear before painting again. It usually takes at least three years for a new coat of paint to look outdated as it becomes worn and discolored by dirt as well as sun exposure through windows and doors. Darker colors fade faster than lighter ones, so this can speed up the need for touch-ups or a new coat of paint. Since the length of time will vary depending on paint quality, color, and the specific room you choose, we developed this simple guide to help you plan.


Quality: The quality of paint you choose is definitely a factor in determining how long the paint will last and maintain its original look. High-quality paints have better binders. The type and amount of binders used affect everything from stain and crack resistance to adhesion. Quality latex paints with 100-percent acrylic binders are especially long-lasting. Since the acrylic binders that are used cost more, this type of paint is usually more expensive. It also provides more durability and better adhesion


Color: When considering the longevity of paint in a particular room or area of your home, some colors stand the test of time better than others. Various shades of whites, grays, blues, and greens hold up fairly well over time because of their ability to complement various types of décor. So even though the furniture and drapes may change over the years, the color of the room can remain the same thanks to its versatility. In contrast, bright, vibrant colors can lose their appeal when they clash with an updated style or décor. Therefore, it’s best to choose a paint color that can endure a few interior design updates before you decide to change it.


Bedroom: Bedrooms, in general, need fewer paint jobs than any other room in the house. While they are used at least 8 hours a day, bedrooms are not subject to the same day-to-day activities as a kitchen, living room, or bathroom. So a bedroom paint job can typically last a little longer before it needs a new coat of paint. You can go without applying a new coat of paint to your bedroom every 10-12 years. Unless of course, like your living room, you just get tired of seeing the same colors every night.


Kitchen: Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house and therefore need more frequent painting than other rooms. You should expect to repaint your kitchen walls at least once every five years to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. We recommend using semi-gloss paint since it’s easier to wash off food stains and grease splatters than flat coatings. If you use flat wall paint, you’ll probably be repainting your kitchen sooner because it is harder to clean.


Bathroom: The bathroom is another area that can be incredibly tough on paint. The steam from repeated showering eventually breaks down paint polymers and weakens the bond the paint has on the surface material. When this happens, the paint begins to thin and the color that once looked new becomes much more muted and duller. Most bathroom paint will generally last between 3 and 4 years. For a bathroom that does not get as much use—like a guest bathroom—the average will increase to 4 to 6 years. Generally speaking, the more often a bathroom is used, the shorter the lifespan of the paint.

Living Room

Living Room: A living room paint job should last about 10 years—barring of course, and when, your little artist decides a living wall makes for a great art canvas. The occasional crayons and markers notwithstanding, most of us simply get tired of seeing the same color on our living room walls after several years and are ready for a change. So, whether you notice the colors in your living room have faded slightly, you discover new, unsolicited artwork, or you are just tired of seeing the same colors. It’s probably a good idea to start thumbing through some paint swatches after 6 to 7 years.

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