Open Floor Plan Colors

Floor plans that favor space and natural area flows are becoming more popular amongst preferred home designs. The openness and vast space allows for creative furniture placement and increased ability to host larger social events. But when dealing with such a spacious design, there are paint ideas that can give the illusion of additional space or help focus on particular areas in the room.

Here are a few of the best paint colors for an open floor plan that can prove helpful to your painting adventures.


  1. Off-White: A warm off-white color is a great way to help create the illusion of more space in a room than there actually is. An off-white shade will also provide a clean canvas for any accent colors you choose to add, giving you the opportunity to switch up the overall feel of a room whenever you like. If your living area has more natural light, consider using this shade on all walls. However, if less natural light is available, you may want to minimize the amount of off-white used to paint walls so as not to make the area too bright.


  1. Tan: This rich tan hue can also serve as a transition color that connects two spaces. This tan paint is easy on the eyes, serving as a great foundation for a kitchen or living room area. If you’d like to add some contrast, this shade of tan works well with dark browns and dark red accents. Whether you’re looking for a neutral tone to complement your furniture or you’re looking for a lighter color to brighten up a room, this tan paint offers versatility in its simple design.

Silvers & Grays

  1. Silvers & Grays: Silvers and grays are lovely choices in that they work similarly to white shades. They are as neutral as you can get with paint and work well with open areas while all furniture is present. While working with spacious rooms void of wall separation, chances are all furnishings are visible.

Silver is a paint color that provides a wash of tint yet ties together a room filled with furniture of many patterns and textures.

Deep Blue

  1. Deep Blue: If you’re intimidated by the idea of having an open floor plan, or the open floor plan you already have is just too much, paint can do a lot to fix it. If your ceilings are high and your space is large, painting the room a darker color—like navy blue—can make it feel cozier. The contrast between the walls and ceiling will trick the eye into thinking the walls are closer than they really are, making your room appear smaller.

Choose Dependable!

Choosing the best paint colors for an open floor plan can put you a step closer to a more perfect and stylish look for your property. A common mistake is to use a single hue throughout, but this can lead to monotonous results. Instead, you can use various hues of the same color to create depth and visual interest. For instance, if you have an open floor plan in your home featuring a large living room that connects to the kitchen and dining area, you might choose pale gray on the walls of the living room, aqua on the backsplash in the kitchen, and dark gray for the dining room walls. This will create a consistent yet beautiful look for your property. Call Dependable Painting & Remodeling today! (470)322-7107

Author Brandi Whitton

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