YInMn Blue

YInMn Blue (/jɪnmɪn/; for yttrium, indium, manganese), also known as Oregon Blue or Mas Blue, is an inorganic blue pigment accidentally discovered by Professor Mas Subramanian and his (then) graduate student Andrew E. Smith. from Oregon State University in 2009. The pigment is known for its near-perfect vivid blue color and exceptionally high NIR reflectance. The chemical compound has a unique crystalline structure in which trivalent manganese ions in trigonal bipyramidal coordination are responsible for the intense blue color observed. Since the initial discovery, the Subramanian research team at Oregon State University has extensively explored the fundamentals of color science, resulting in a wide range of new green, purple and orange pigments developed through the intentional addition of a rational chromophore in the trigonal bipyramidal coordination Neighborhood.