Titanium yellow

Titanium Yellow, also known as Titanium Antimony Nickel Yellow, Rutile Titanium Antimony Nickel Yellow, CI Pigment Yellow 53 or CI Titanium Yellow. 77788, is a yellow pigment with chemical composition NiO Sb2O3 20TiO2. It is a complex inorganic compound. Its melting point exceeds 1000°C and its solubility in water is extremely low. Although it contains antimony and nickel, its bioavailability is very low, making the pigment relatively safe. The pigment has a rutile crystal lattice in which 2-5% of the titanium ions are replaced by nickel(II) and 9-12% by antimony(III). Titanium yellow is produced by reacting fine powders of solid metal oxides, hydroxides or carbonates at temperatures between 1000 and 1200°C in batches or continuously in a single operation. Titanium yellow is mainly used as a pigment for plastic and ceramic enamels and in artistic paints.