Powder blue

Powder Blue is a pale shade of blue. As with most colors, there is no absolute definition of the exact hue. Dusty blue was originally powdered enamel (cobalt glass) used in bleaching and tinting applications in the 1650s, then used as a color name beginning in 1894. It has a deep dark blue hue, but dusty blue is today a pale cobalt blue as shown in the examples below showing powder blue as defined by the British and Australian paint color standards and just one example of the actual manufacturer powder blue color and consensus definition, resulting from an online survey of color names which has involved 140,000 people. The characters differ on the pallor or saturation of a color, but broadly agree on hue. Powder blue was also used as an English color name in 1774, but the exact color is unclear: it could be a grayish blue or an unsaturated dark blue.