Pantone 448 C

Pantone 448 C is a color in the Pantone Color System. Described as “a dull dark brown” and informally dubbed “the ugliest color in the world”, it was chosen as the color for tobacco and regular cigarettes in Australia in 2012 after market research found it the least attractive. The Australian Department of Health originally referred to the color as “olive green”, but the name was changed after concerns were raised by the Australian Olive Association. As of 2016, the same color is also used for cigarette packaging in many countries, including France, UK, Ireland, Israel, Norway, New Zealand, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands. The color was also widely, but erroneously, referred to as “dull coated”; In fact, it’s simply French for “matte coatings,” referring to use on coated paper. The confusion may have arisen because “Pantone Opaque Couch” is the French name for a swatch library (palette) used in Adobe Illustrator that contains this color and is intended for printing spot colors on coated paper. in English this library is known as “Pantone Solid Coated”.