Garnet (US/UK /məˈruːn/mə-ROON, Australia /məˈroʊn/mə-ROHN) is a crimson-brown color that gets its name from the French word brown or chestnut. “Marron” is also one of the French translations of “braun”. According to various dictionaries, there are variations in the definition of the color brown. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines brown as a dark purplish-red color, while the American Dictionary section defines brown as a dark reddish brown. This suggests slight differences in perception between the UK and North America. The online dictionary Lexico defines brown as a brownish red. Similarly, defines garnet as a dark brownish red. The Oxford English Dictionary describes garnet as “a brownish crimson (deep red) or burgundy (purple color),” while the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it simply as deep red. In the sRGB color model for additive color representation, the web color known as brown is created by reducing the brightness of pure red by about half. Also note that brown is the complement of the web color called teal.