Magnolia (color)

Magnolia is a color that takes its name from the flowering plant of the genus Magnolia. Because magnolias have flowers in more than one color, most commonly cream or pale purple, magnolia can refer to different colors in different countries. An early use of magnolia as a color name in English dates back to the 1880s describing it as a “cream tint”. In the UK, Magnolia is a creamy color   defined by the British standard BS 08B15, with sRGB value (244, 233, 216) and CMYK (coated) value (0, 5, 25, 0). Although living spaces in the UK have generally been painted a pale ‘stone colour’ since the 18th century, the use of the name ‘magnolia’ only dates back to the 1950s British Standard, although the hue and sheen are almost the themselves:   sRGB(240,223,196 ), HSV (79,16,90) Another definition of color was published in the United States in 1925. A Dictionary of Color by Maerz and Paul describe three hues described as magnolia:       However, magnolia does not appear to be commonly used as a color name in the US: The British English Cambridge Dictionary entry for magnolia defines it as “a kind of tree with large flowers, usually white or pink” and “a pale cream”, but its US English entry refers to refers only to the tree.