What Influences Exterior Painting

Tackling an exterior paint job takes a great deal of planning. The painter must closely study the weather conditions for a long lasting end result. The weather could be the deciding factor that can make or break the outcome of your exterior paint job. It goes without saying that it is vital to check the local weather forecast as part of your pre-painting preparation for an exterior paint job.

Elements such as the sun, rain, snow and wind all take a toll on the exterior façade of a house. These conditions lead to considerable wear and tear. Exposure to UV rays causes exterior paint to fade, chalk and lose its original glow. Also, temperature variation results in expansion and contraction of the surface resulting in cracking of paint.

Surface Preparation

For professional results, it is essential to prepare the exterior surface before painting. First of all, you must clean the surfaces, preferably with a pressure washer. You should remove all dirt, mold and mildew. Proper preparation also includes scraping away as much old paint as possible. And finally, using an appropriate primer before you paint is equally important.


Painting the Exterior

Once the primer is dry, it is time to apply the exterior paint. Be sure to apply the paint early enough in the day to allow it to dry out slowly before the evening dew sets in. If the surface paint has not thoroughly dried out, the paint tends to fade fast. Fading paint results in loss of gloss and appearance.


In addition, it is best to paint when the sun is not shining directly on the area your are painting. The general practice is to paint the exteriors in the shade since exposure to the sun and wind can cause paint to dry rapidly leading to an uneven texture with marks and blisters.

Don’t Let the Weather Influence Your Exterior Paint Job


Exterior house paint must be strong enough to withstand the most extreme conditions that nature bestows. The best possible exterior house painting results are dependent on good surface preparation, the best quality paints and equipment, and also on ideal weather conditions. If you have questions about which paint you should use on the exterior of your home or if you would like a professional to do the painting for you, contact the experts at Dependable Painting by calling 470 322 7107.

Author Derek Epstein

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