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Living In East Cobb, Ga

During the 1800s, European settlers established communities such as Sandy Plains, Shallowford Falls, Mount Bethel, Noonday, Blackwells, and Westoak in what is now known as East Cobb.

Many of these names are still used to describe areas of East Cobb, as well as roads, churches, subdivisions, and other parts of the community. By 1960, parts of East Cobb near Atlanta had become Chattahoochee Plantation. After being established by the Georgia General Assembly to avoid annexation, the city never developed its own government. Residents and politicians have attempted to incorporate East Cobb since 1998, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Citizens for the City of East Cobb led the most recent attempt, which was made in 2009. East Cobb would rank among the top 5 biggest cities in the state, behind Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, and Savannah, and be the second-largest city in Metro Atlanta after Atlanta if

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Things to know about East Cobb, Ga

  • East Cobb is a small unincorporated community in Cobb County, Georgia, with a population of around 215,000 people.
  • Numerous high schools in the area routinely rank among the top in the state thanks to its highly regarded public schools.
  • East Cobb has a number of parks and outdoor recreational areas, including East Cobb Park, Fullers Park, and the Sope Creek Trail.
  • With a wide selection of retail stores, eateries, and entertainment venues, The Avenue East Cobb is a well-liked shopping area.
  • The East Cobb Baseball Complex is a popular destination for sports fans, and it hosts a variety of baseball tournaments throughout the year.
  • The area has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s and was once home to numerous large plantations.
  • East Cobb is well known for its vibrant homeowner’s associations, neighborhood activities, and volunteer opportunities.
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Commuting in East Cobb, Ga

  • Most residents in East Cobb, GA commute by car to work or school.
  • Airports - East Cobb is approximately 30 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is the world’s busiest airport. McCollum Field, the smaller Cobb County Airport, is only a few minutes away from East Cobb.
  • Cobb County Transit operates its own public transportation system (CCT). It provides bus service throughout the county, including East Cobb, and into downtown Atlanta.
  • Major Roads and Interstates - The two main roads that pass through East Cobb are Johnson Ferry Road and Roswell Road. Interstates 75, 285, and 575 are all only minutes away, providing access to Atlanta, the North Georgia Mountains, and other parts of the state.
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Population of East Cobb, Ga

  • Cobb East has 33,230 people living there.
  • Approximately a 33.9-year-old median age.
  • Males make up 51.5% of the population, while females make up 48.5%.
  • US-born citizens account for 80.81% of the Cobb East resident pool, while non-US-born citizens account for 8.95%.
  • Non-citizens make up 10.24% of the population.
  • In Cobb East, 23,644 people are still living in the same house they were in last year.
  • Cobb East has a total of 17,759 households, each with approximately 2 members. Family establishments account for 36.82% of Cobb East households, while non-family units account for the remaining 63.18%. Furthermore, 13.1% of households have children, while 86.9% do not.
  • Cobb East has a population of approximately 10.59% with a high school diploma (3,129 residents), 16.26% with a college diploma (5,413 residents), and 42.05% with a bachelor’s degree (12,427 people).
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Weather in East Cobb, Ga

East Cobb, Georgia, has a humid subtropical climate, which is characterized by warm, muggy summers and mild winters. The typical range of summer temperatures (°F) is from the mid-70s to the mid-90s, while the typical range of winter temperatures (°F) is from the mid-30s to the mid-50s. The amount of rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year, with the summer months typically seeing the highest totals. With an average annual snowfall of only a few inches, snowfall is comparatively uncommon. Overall, East Cobb has a moderate climate that supports a range of outdoor activities all year long.

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Is East Cobb, Ga a nice place to live?

Yes, East Cobb, Georgia is regarded as a nice place to live in general. Cobb County is one of Metro Atlanta’s most popular and exciting counties. The neighborhood is well-known for its excellent public schools, numerous parks and recreational opportunities, and strong sense of community.

East Cobb’s neighborhoods are well-kept and offer a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. There are also a number of shopping and dining options in the area, including the popular Avenue East Cobb shopping center. While traffic can be an issue during rush hour, the area is well-connected to major highways, making it simple to get to other parts of Atlanta. East Cobb, in general, provides a high quality of life and is a desirable place to live for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

What to expect

East Cobb, GA is a vibrant and friendly community that values education, recreation, and quality of life. The area is well-known for its outstanding public schools, with several high schools consistently ranking among the best in the state. In addition, East Cobb is home to a wide range of parks and outdoor recreation areas, including expansive parks with sports fields and playgrounds as well as tranquil nature trails and fishing ponds. Shopping and dining options abound, with everything from local boutiques and restaurants to national chains. The region is renowned for having a strong sense of community, with many annual events and festivals that unite locals. Overall, East Cobb provides a high quality of life and is a desirable place to live for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

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The Lifestyle

East Cobb, GA has a strong sense of community, family-friendly values, and a love of outdoor recreation. The neighborhood has a suburban feel to it, with well-kept neighborhoods and a variety of housing options to suit various lifestyles and budgets. East Cobb residents are known for their active lifestyles, with numerous parks, sports fields, and nature trails throughout the area. The community also places a high value on education, with many highly rated public schools and a strong emphasis on academic achievement. The area offers a variety of shopping and dining options, with a mix of local and national chains. Residents of East Cobb are also active volunteers and community leaders, with numerous opportunities to participate in local charities, civic organizations, and events. In general, East Cobb’s lifestyle is geared toward those who value a high standard of living and outdoor recreation, with a strong emphasis on the local community.

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The Market

East Cobb, Georgia, has a thriving and highly competitive real estate market. The area has a variety of housing options, ranging from large single-family homes to townhomes and apartments, with prices ranging from affordable to high-end luxury. The demand for housing in East Cobb is consistently high because of the highly regarded public schools and the family-friendly way of life. As a result, homes sell quickly, and the market is still competitive for both buyers and sellers. With several new developments currently underway all over the region, the market has also seen an increase in new construction in recent years. In general, East Cobb’s real estate market is booming, offering a range of options to both investors and homebuyers.

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What You'll Love

East Cobb, Georgia has a lot to offer. With top-notch public schools, a strong sense of community, and a wide range of recreational opportunities, the area provides a high quality of life. East Cobb residents have access to many parks and outdoor areas, including the well-known Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, which provides opportunities for hiking, biking, and fishing. There is also a thriving shopping and dining scene in the area, with a mix of local and national chains. There are many annual events and festivals that bring the community together, which is vibrant and engaged. Because of the area’s convenient location, major highways are easily accessible, making it simple to explore other parts of Atlanta. All things considered, East Cobb is a great place to call home because it offers a family-friendly way of life, a strong sense of community, and a high standard of living.

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Zip Codes in East Cobb, GA

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  • 30062
  • 30068
  • 30067
  • 30069
  • 30007

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  • 30189 - Woodstock
  • 30144 - Kennesaw